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How to Check PF Balance 2019 | EPF Balance PF Account Balance Statements 2019 ?

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How to Check PF Balance 2019 | EPF Balance PF Account Balance Statements ? :- Hello Every One Here Comes the Latest News from the Team of, Here is News is that the Retired Employees’s who apply for the EPF or Provident Fund Check EPS & EDLI Checking Status will be done Mostly by the People of Above Aged of 60 Years as Senior citizens they will all in Search for the Queries of How to Check Employee’s Provident Fund Check EPF How to Calculate Employee’s Provident Fund Balance and Interest Rate Like Some many Question as they will be in Search for this Questions across the Internet,

So then Stop Your Search here we are with You and we will Help You in Check this all the Stuff in one Place as in this website, Employee’s are advised and Requested to be Stay with this Page to get the Simple Steps to Check Your Employee’s Provident Fund.

How to Calculate Employees Provident Fund Balance & Calculate Interest Rate

The Interest on the Employees Provident Fund EPF that which is Calculated on the Value made by the Employee as well as the Employer. The Contribution made by the Employee and the Employer that is Equal to 12% or 10% that which includes EPS and EDLI of His/Her Basic Pay Plus Dearness allowance { DA }. 10% Interest rate that is Applicable in the Case of Establishment with Less than 20 Employees as they Sick Units or that meet Certain Conditions as Prescribed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation {EPFO}The Government of India in Budget 2018 has Reduced the Women Employees contribution to 8% for the First 3 Years of their Employment as against Current 12% or 10% that which is Depending on the type of Establishment. The Employer Contribution will remain at 12%/10%.

EPF Balance PF Account Balance Statements 2019 ?

The Contribution are made on a Wage Ceiling {Basic Salary + DA } of Rs 15,000. However when the Current Income Exceeds the wage Ceiling three Standards methods that are Employed for Calculating the Contribution amount, The Employer is Free to use any one of these three methods Check below the Simple Steps to check Your PF or EPF through Online.

Check the Process of PF Calculation Below Steps :

  • Employees Basic Salary Pay + DA : Rs 50000
  • Employee Contribution towards EPF : 12%*50000 = Rs 6000
  • Employer Contribution towards EPF = 3.67% of 50000 = 3.67%*50000 = 1835
  • Employer Contribution in Employee Pension Scheme EPS : 8.33%*50000 = Rs 4165
  • Employer Contribution in EPS on the threshold income of Rs 15000 : 8.33% of 15000 = Rs 1249.50
  • Excess Contribution of Employer towards EPS above the threshold {1}-{2} Rs 4165 – Rs 1249.50 = Rs 2915.50
  • The Excess Amount in {B} is added to the Employer Contribution towards EPF will be Rs 4,750.

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